Rental Services

Maintaining your rental property can sometimes be a headache! Let us handle that, and you can enjoy the fruits of your investment. Our services include:

  • Assessing accurate market value for the suite;
  • Advertising and showing your property to perspective tenants;
  • Processing applications, checking landlord and employment references;
  • Processing credit checks to ensure that the perspective tenants have good payment history;
  • Negotiating and signing lease agreements, Form Ks and any other documents;
  • Providing the tenants with the strata bylaws, copies of lease contracts, and any other necessary documents;
  • Collecting rent payments and using those funds to pay disbursements, such as strata fees, bills and even the mortgage;
  • Handling everyday tenant requests and disputes;
  • Providing the tenants with a 24 hour emergency response phone number;
  • Conducting annual inspections of your suite and ensuring that your investment is secured;
  • Engaging and meeting with trades as necessary to repair and maintain your property, as approved by the owner;
  • Complete move in and out checklists to ensure that the property is left in the condition it was leased in.