Why Us?

Commitment to Clients

Commitment to our clients is our top priority. We work to establish greater accountability and transparency by providing strata councils and board members with full access to information, ranging from financial statements, to copies of issued cheques, to invoices from contractors. We believe in delivering all necessary information, as well as sound, ethical advise to our clients as it pertains to every decision. Our firm commissions a trust audit every year in order to protect the interests of our clients. With most of our new business coming from “word of mouth” channels, we pride ourselves on exceptional references.

 Weekly Visits

We set a schedule for a weekly visit with every property and ensure that residents know when we are coming. These visits will allow the council to obtain weekly updates on projects, allows the residents to bring up their concerns, and allows us to ensure highest customer satisfaction.

Experience & Flexibility

John Cartwright and his staff bring over 30 years of management experience to the firm. We can assist you with a variety of needs ranging from simple record keeping, to fee collection, to bylaw revisions and financial reporting. We offer prudent advise on how to maintain the value and structural soundness of your property. Whether you need full service management, or a simplified book keeping package, we can design a service contract right for your building.

Financial and Business Acumen

Our property managers come from finance backgrounds. Our experience in banks and other financial institutions allows us not only prepare the financial statements but explain them to you as well. Although we always recommend an external review, you can be sure that we fully understand financial aspects of a strata corporation, and how to turn around distressed buildings.