Strata Services

Online Client HUB

Every strata corporation has a unique website log-in ID and password. We work with the strata council to tailor the website to the building’s needs, giving owners access to up to two years of meeting minutes, engineering reports, strata plans, insurance coverage and other documents residents regularly request.

Weekly Site Visits

We set up a dedicated time slot to visit the building each week, allowing residents to meet with us directly to help resolve any outstanding concerns.

Financial Reporting

We use the accrual accounting system to prepare financial statements by the 15th calendar day of each month. Council receives the full package, including cancelled cheques, bank statements, reconciliations, and a printout of the entire general ledger.

24/7 Emergency Response

Every resident is provided with our 24 hour emergency telephone number. Fire, flood, or any other building emergency, simply call our emergency phone number, day or night, and we will respond with appropriate measures.

Strata Fee & Levy collection

We provide a number of ways for residents to pay the maintenance fees. Whether it is by pre-authorized debit, cheque or cash, we will be able to accept the payments.

Employee & Contractor Supervision

We are directly involved in screening, interviewing and hiring strata employees such as caretakers, cleaning staff and anything else that a building may need. We provide in-house payroll services at no extra charge for strata corporations with one employee.


Insurance is critical to strata corporations. We will assist in negotiations, ensuring that the strata corporations receive best coverage at a reasonable price.

Building Envelope Replacement

Building Envelope Replacement is one of the single largest projects a strata corporation will face. We will ensure that your building is in good hands!

Site Maintenance

Regardless of the size, age or construction of the building, maintenance will be required. Together with the strata council, we will put together a maintenance plan and ensure that it is executed.

Record Keeping

Proper record keeping is a necessity. Essentially all documents that a strata corporation may need will be maintained on our website. Owners will be able to access strata plans, bylaws, rules, engineering reports, while councils can view and download financial statements, invoices, cancelled cheques, as well as bank statements and reconciliations. Each strata has unique requirements and we will ensure that they are met.